FAQs for Tutors

The tutor will have to possess at least Form 5 and above qualification.

It depends, however if you find that you do not have much experience or better qualification than the rest of the tutors, it is always advisable to lower down your rate to build up your experience and personal portfolio, and increase your chances of getting a job.

It depends, ultimately it still boils down to your teaching quality, and in order to justify your desired rate in opposed to your qualification, you can always pass us your past students’ testimonials, as third party feedback will help us to convince our students, and to secure a better tuition rate for you.

The tutor needs to be at least 16 years to qualify.

There are no hidden costs or registration fees to sign up as a tutor.

We charged 15% on every class and it will deducted in every transaction. 

Tuition frequency is in hourly basis. Payment cycle is in weekly basis. 

For example

Your rate: RM28/hr

Frequency: 2 hours per day * 5 days per week = 10 hours

Total gross payment to tutor per week: 10 hours * RM 28 = RM 280

Total services charges for TOTG: RM 280 * 15% = RM 42

Tutor will be paid via online banking. Tutor should provide his/her bank account number for the payment purposes. 

For account closure, please kindly send your request to tuitiononthego0718@gmail.com

No, we will not help to file your earnings. As a freelancer, you are responsible to report your earning as a freelancer tutor to your tax authority yearly.