Understand a subject effectively with a good tutor

TOTG’s unparalleled interactive online tutoring platform allows tutors and students go beyond face-to-face. You can find a tutor with the skills you need. Lessons that fit your schedules. Scroll down to know more about how TOTG can help you to fully customize your study lesson. 

How tutoring platform works.

Real time action!

Collaborate in real time. Students and teachers can use work-space to upload, review and work together on lesson plans, assignments, images, notes and worksheets during lesson starts. (Coming Soon!)

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Systematic dashboard

The TOTG Dashboard consists of systematic materials and tools that students and teachers to interact with the platform. The dashboard can be used between lessons to refresh and review homework, lesson schedule and access any notes or documents created in the dashboard. 

Anytime, anywhere.

Students can start their lesson anytime, anywhere.  Just use our in-platform calendars and scheduling tools to manage lesson schedule effectively. Email notification and reminders will help students organized and on time, so students won’t miss a thing.  

Search a tutor that helps you to learn effectively

Online tuition solves the geography problem. You can choose your preferred tuition teacher from other cities or states. Distance learning becoming so simple by using interactive available in TOTG. Use our simple search, or if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, contact us. Our tutors cover all subjects and levels, so you can find the one that fits you best.

It saves your time and money because it's flexible

TOTG lessons fit easily into student life. Book lessons one by one – or regularly for as long as you want – and pay as you go. Search your best tutor easily through online tutor search platform, you don’t have to travel so much in order to find the best tutor. Even better, choosing tuition online option means you cut out travel costs. You also have the same tutor every week, whether you’re at school before footie, at Grandma’s house, or on holiday.

What are you waiting for? Start find your best tutor and get tuition sorted today