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Online tutoring — A straightforward and simple approach to affordable student quality learning.

In today’s extremely competitive globe, achieving quality education is a necessity. Every child intends to study and perform well in examinations so that he/she can enroll in a stronger organization and achieve his / her potential objectives.
During their main and secondary school years, the time learners invest is essential because it constitutes the very basis of their future dreams & accomplishments. Therefore, it is very crucial that learners obtain adequate care and attention to all their teaching demands during this time stage.
It is crucial for learners to obtain a quality education and all the assist they need in their research in order to obtain superior grades in order to attain excellent results.

Parents do their vital responsibilities by selecting the correct instructional establishment for their children, but it should be noted that simply enrolling the kid in a reputable college does not put an end to all job. Checking the child to guarantee he / she actually receives all the assistance & support for efficient teaching is also crucial.

It goes without stating that the curriculum of today’s research is vast and not what it was in the past. In order to know and understand many stuff in a planned time frame, children need to bring extra importance. This obviously brings stress on the kid from the view of teaching. We would all agree that when it goes to teaching, not all children have the same amount of grasping skills. Traditional organizational schooling also relies on a community of learners, and often teachers ‘ personal attention to each child is not always feasible. This absence of personal attention to learners generates learning gaps that can deter effectively educating children.

It should also be acknowledged that each child has a distinct amount of capacity to grasp & learn, i.e. some may be quick students, while others may require additional time to study. Some learners may encounter problems with particular topics, while others may run easily across all topics.
It is also noted that learners may often shy away from requesting questions in a school setting to clear their objections or merely memorize the ideas of the research without completely knowing them. This may be a hazardous tendency & may negatively affect the educational growth of the student.

These weaknesses of traditional school learning mentioned above generate the need for additional educational assistance in the form of personal tuition.
Private tuition has demonstrated to be an outstanding instrument to provide learners with extra research assistance. Today, the strength of the internet has rendered it feasible for tutors to teach children personal lessons regardless of their physical places. Online tutoring through the efficient use of online audio, video & distinctive whiteboard technology has created a place that offers a wealth of possibilities and choices for learners around the world.
Online tutoring has several benefits over traditional face-to-face tutoring:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

It’s cost-effective first of all. Today, a pupil has to pay less than face-to-face tutoring to obtain quality internet tutoring. Not all parents can afford their children to face high face-to-face costs of private tuitions. Online tutoring provides a reasonable opportunity for all parents to provide their children with quality tutoring.

  • Time Savings

In contrast to traditional face-to-face tutoring, the physical distance between tutor and tutor is not a consideration in online tutoring, which implies that a tutor can provide tutoring from any place using a computer/laptop/ smartphone with a decent internet connection. This saves time for both the tutor and the tutee to switch.

  • Various Tutors that you can choose from

Sometimes learners might not be comfortable with a specific tutor’s learning style. In both face-to-face and online tutoring, this problem can happen. Fortunately, the student does not have to be helplessly stuck with a tutor in online tutoring as he/she has the option of being the greatest tutor from a wide selection of tutors accessible for particular topics. This may not always be an alternative in face-to-face tutoring.

  • The promise of great scholarly assistance:

Each teacher has knowledge of particular topics in internet tutoring. In addition, tutors are responsible for ensuring measurable educational advancement by providing tutees with the finest of school tuition. Tutees are available to choose from a big range of skilled and experienced tutors with knowledge in particular courses and topics. This makes tutoring internet for learners a profitable choice.

  • Periodic academic progress tracking:

One of the concerns fathers have is whether or not their children benefit from personal tuitions. Online tutoring effectively addresses this problem of parents through a very credible system. The regular surveillance of the advancement of tutees is one of the noticeable characteristics of online tutoring. Online tutoring companies keep the families involved updated by offering them with regular progress reports (weekly / fortnightly / monthly) on the educational advancement of their children. This enables parents to decrease their concerns and also enables them to evaluate the tuition’s efficiency.

  • Security

In the convenience of their households, students obtain internet tuition. All online tutoring sessions between the tutor and the tutee are regularly recorded and monitored to ensure safety & compliance, and the best thing is to give students and their respective parents access to all recordings, including all audio, video and messaging communications, thus giving parents additional assurance. Access to all tutoring session recordings round the clock provides learners with the advantage of reviewing their learning whenever they want. This is a value in face-to-face tutoring that does not exist.

  • Live internet tutoring access 24/7:

Online tutoring provides time-based flexibility. Students may be asked randomly while learning with doubt or query and may involve an immediate resolution.
While in the center of a significant research task that requires to be finished ASAP, a pupil may be provided with a doubt.
In such situations, the waiting time is not always feasible. Fortunately, as online tutoring is timing-flexible and accessible round-the-clock, a student can get immediate assistance with their research queries whenever they need it. A pupil can also set up online tutoring appointments at his / her own comfortable moment for a tutor. This advantage may not always be provided by traditional face-to-face tutoring.

  • Effective Internet Technology Use:

Modern techniques combined with the internet have developed an online tutoring niche sector that is gaining popularity among both learners and tutors. Using technology only gives more changes to traditional tutoring and contributes to making it much more stable. Young individuals are tech-savvy and convenient these days to embrace tech changes to add more comfort.

TOTG was introduced with the main objective of making one and all accessible on one internet tutoring of high quality.
The platform features a distinctive interactive whiteboard interface that allows tutor and tutee to interact seamlessly with each other through audio, video and messaging choices. It also involves, among many other helpful instruments, a range of characteristics such as free handwriting instrument, mathematical and geometric symbols/figures.
TOTG vows to integrate all internet tutoring upsides and add importance to this sector. It is dedicated to concentrating on its key agenda of cost-effective and accessible internet tutoring for all with zero compromises on performance.

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