Parenting advice-Identify the strengths of your kid

Identify the strengths of your child:- “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life believing it’s dumb”-Albert Einstein. Hope his words remind you that’ Animal Story’ is very famous? Let me get the story back. All the animals once decided to organize a school to meet the new world’s problems. The lessons included walking, jumping, swimming and flying, and the decision was made to take all the subjects from all the animals. The duck was, in fact, better in swimming than its trainer but weak in jumping.

Gradually his webbed feet were badly worn making him swimming only on average, but the average was appropriate in the school and no one was concerned about it except the duck. Running the rabbit was good but had a nervous breakdown because they had to spend too much time in the swimming pool to make up swimming work. The squirrels were the best students to scale the tree, but they faced extreme disappointment as the teacher made them start on the ground rather than the treetop.

Through overexertion, he produced a’ Charlie horse,’ resulting in a C in climbing and D in racing. The eagle was a boy with a problem and highly disciplined. He beat others to the top of the tree in the climbing class but insisted on using his own method of getting there that was inappropriate in school and a strict behavior change program for the eagle was created. Private tutoring in running and climbing was offered to the fish that was excellent in swimming, prompting the fish to go to another country to apply for political asylum.

The dogs remained out of school and argued with the teacher because the training did not include digging or burrowing. An odd eel at the end of the year, which could swim well and walk, climb and fly a little, ended up with the highest rating and became valedictorian. Please try to find out after reading this story… How many times do we think of our own’ ducks’ and’ squirrels’ fools because they can not adapt to a curriculum?

How many of our’ rabbits’ are suffering from depression and anxiety because they can not refine their unique strengths? How many’ eagles’ are disciplined and deemed to be stubborn because they have a special way to achieve their goals, which is different from the standards set? Why we don’t embrace running and sailing with our’ fish’ instead of thinking about their learning to run and float.

Parents will play a key role in figuring out which ‘ unit ‘ is their child to reach their full potential, including their talents, attributes and personal characteristics such as creativity, leadership, perseverance, empathy, learning ability, enthusiasm, endurance, problem-solving abilities, social skills, teamwork, work ethics, analytical skills, skills management, interpersonal skills.

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